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As a social housing resident in the UK, there are several duties and responsibilities that you are expected to fulfil. These responsibilities may vary slightly depending on the specific terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement and the policies of SHA who manages your social housing.

Here are some general duties of social housing residents in the UK:

  1. Paying rent and bills: It is your responsibility to pay your rent and any other charges or bills associated with your tenancy on time. This includes utility bills, such as gas, electricity, and water.
  2. Maintaining the property: You are responsible for taking care of the property and keeping it in good condition. This includes carrying out basic maintenance tasks, such as keeping the property clean, reporting any repairs needed to the housing provider, and preventing damage to the property.
  3. Respecting neighbours and community: As a social housing resident, you are expected to be considerate and respectful towards your neighbours and the local community. This includes avoiding excessive noise, keeping communal areas clean and tidy, and following any rules or regulations set by the housing provider regarding behaviour and use of shared spaces.
  4. Reporting issues and repairs: If you notice any repairs or issues within your property or the communal areas, it is your duty to report them promptly to your housing provider. This helps ensure that necessary repairs are carried out in a timely manner, maintaining the quality of the property.
  5. Informing changes in circumstances: It is important to inform your housing provider about any significant changes in your circumstances, such as changes in household composition, income, or employment status. This information helps the housing provider assess your eligibility for social housing and any potential changes to your rent or tenancy agreement.
  6. Abiding by tenancy agreements and policies: You should familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions outlined in your tenancy agreement and any policies set by the housing provider. This includes adhering to any rules regarding pets, subletting, or alterations to the property.
  7. Participating in community activities: Many social housing providers encourage residents to participate in community activities and engage with their neighbours. This can help foster a sense of community and contribute to the well-being of the residents and the overall environment of the housing estate.

It’s worth noting that the specific duties and responsibilities of social housing residents may vary, and it’s important to consult your tenancy agreement and other SHA policies for precise details regarding your obligations as a social housing resident.