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We realise that living circumstances can change easily, so let us know on your changes so we can help support you.

Homelessness prevention

We work hard to prevent homelessness, and we can do this far more effectively if we have the opportunity to help sooner rather than later. Please do not wait until you are actually about to be made homeless before contacting us.

Your Housing Officer can advise you on how to solve specific issues that increase the risk of becoming homeless, particularly housing-related money advice, and can advise on tenancy eviction law. We can also refer you to for independent money advise . Alternatively, you can contact Toynbee Hall or Bromley by Bow Centre for free and confidential debt advice Link to their websites, section on Advice or

Follow the link to read more about general advice on housing

How to contact us

In the first instance, it is best to telephone us. We will take brief details and advise you of how we propose to deal with your situation. If you cannot telephone, then we will see you at our office.

Alternatively you can email the Tower Hamlets Council housing advice service on or go to their website and homelessness advice.