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Inform us of change

Let us know about your change in circumstance so we can help support you.

If your housing situation has changed, you want to move home or someone has moved out or passed away, let us know as soon as possible so that your records are kept up to date.

SHA officers may occasionally ask for you to fill in a change in circumstances form when they meet with you. You will be asked to confirm your ID and provide proof of address. Don’t worry if you cannot provide this information immediately; an SHA officer will call or email you to confirm your changes and take you through the ID process.

For example, a change could be that you are moving out of your SHA residence, changes to your home or family situation or news that someone in your household has passed away. Keep SHA staff informed so that your records are kept up to date. Use the online form below to tell us of changes.

Change in Circumstances form
Are you an SHA tenant?
Are you writing on behalf of an SHA resident?