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Co-create spaces

We want to see our residents have a meaningful opportunity to contribute to improvements in their surrounding environment.

The SHA Team have spoken to residents to find out how we can better involve them in decision-making, such as in improvements to communal areas, to make green spaces more accessible and in co-producing SHA’s own Community Involvement strategy.

We want to see a gradual uptake at the Hason Raja Centre for community uses that benefit all of our residents. Hason Raja Centre is located on Vallance Road in Whitechapel, London E1.

SHA now has a growing number of volunteers to help with various community outreach and social projects taking place at the Hason Raja Centre in Whitechapel. Our community centre is focused towards health and wellbeing, lifelong learning and arts exploration. If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us.

Co-create spaces is a new initiative from SHA. If you are a resident or community member and have an idea for an event or want to make a visible improvement to your surrounding environment, SHA staff will discuss your idea and if approved staff will work with you to make it a reality.

Fill in the request form below and an SHA staff member will contact you to discuss the feasibility of your idea.

Did you know that as an SHA resident, you can hire the Hason Raja Centre at a reduced rate?