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Hason Raja Centre

A new community centre in the heart of the East End of London.

The Hason Raja Centre is part of the Pedley Street social housing development to meet the ever-growing need for an affordable quality community space that meets the needs of our residents and the wider community.

The vision for the Hason Raja Centre is:

  • To become the beating heart of the community in the Spitalfields and Banglatown area
  • A designated space for enriched lifelong learning
  • A Care Hub for intergenerational interaction and for vulnerable residents
  • A specialist Food Hub through the community kitchen
  • Prioritising health and wellbeing of the community
  • A dedicated space for arts, crafts and architectural exploration

The vision for the centre has been co-produced in consultation with SHA residents, our volunteers and regular users of the centre.

Using the Hason Raja Centre

The Hason Raja Centre (HRC) is located on Vallance Road (Whitechapel, London E1) and serves as important gathering place for local communities, providing a wide range of activities, services, and resources.

Please note that specific uses and offerings at Hason Raja Centre vary and any new volunteer-led initiatives will have to be approved by SHA staff. If you’re interested in utilising or learning more about Hason Raja Centre or volunteer opportunities, please speak with a member of staff.

Common uses and purposes of the centre

  • Recreational activities: Hason Raja Centre offers spaces and facilities for various recreational activities such as sports, fitness classes, dance lessons, arts and crafts, and hobbies. These activities promote physical well-being, creativity, and social interaction.
  • Educational programme: HRC host public programmes and workshops for all age groups. These have included adult education classes, tutoring services, computer training, language courses, and workshops on various topics such as health, finance, or parenting.
  • Cultural and arts events: HRC frequently serves as a venue for cultural events, art exhibitions, architectural exploration, small theatre performances, and other artistic and creative endeavours. HRC provide a platform for local artists and performers to showcase their talent and enrich the cultural life of the community.
  • Social and support groups: HRC often facilitate social and support groups where individuals with similar interests or needs can come together. These groups may focus on topics such as parenting, senior activities, support for specific health conditions, or community advocacy.
  • Childcare and youth programmes: These programmes provide a safe and supervised environment for children (with parental supervision), teenagers and young adults by promoting their personal development, social skills, and engagement in positive activities.
  • Meeting and event spaces: At the HRC we often hold meetings or private events, available for rent. The space has been previously used by local organisations, clubs, businesses, or individuals to host meetings, conferences, workshops, community gatherings, or for private bookings.
  • Community services: HRC provide essential services to the community, such as a food hub, job training programmes, or health and wellness initiatives. These services address the specific needs of the local community in East London and promote overall well-being.
  • Volunteer opportunities: HRC offer opportunities for community members to engage in volunteering, to learn skills and to give back. Volunteers may assist with programmes, events, administrative tasks, or support services, fostering a sense of civic participation and community engagement.

Please note that specific uses and offerings at Hason Raja Centre vary and any new volunteer-led initiatives will have to be approved by SHA staff. If you’re interested in utilising or learning more about Hason Raja Centre or volunteer opportunities, please speak with a member of staff.

Hall Hire Information


Seating (Banquet seating with chairs and tables)


Conference seating


Tables (max 4 people for each table)



General availability at the Hason Raja Centre is as follows

Mondays: 10am–2pm (4hr)
Tuesdays: 2pm–5pm (3hr)
Wednesdays: 3pm–5pm (2hr)
Thursdays: 3pm–6pm (3hr)
Fridays: 9am–4pm (7hr)
Saturdays: 9am–6pm (9hr) Can be extended late subject to staff availability
Sundays: 2pm–6pm (4hr) Can be extended late subject to staff availability

Note: This is general availability for Hason Raja Centre throughout the week. We have to check against our tenants Vallance Community Sports Association’s timetable, our volunteers diary and against any bookings taken since. Please call us on 020 7392 5400 or use the form below to discuss your booking requirements.

Photographs of the Hason Raja Centre:

View the Hason Raja Centre brochure for hire prices and additional facilities.

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Who was Hason Raja?

21 December 1854 – 6 December 1922

Hason Raja was a Bengali mystic poet, songwriter, and philosopher who lived in the 19th century. He was born in 1854 in Kusumgram (Sunamganj), a village in what is now Bangladesh. Hason Raja is celebrated for his mystical and philosophical poetry and songs. His work emphasises the idea of universal love and spirituality, transcending religious and social boundaries. His poetry and songs are an integral part of Bengali culture, and they continue to be widely appreciated and sung by people in Bangladesh, West Bengal in India and internationally.

Hason Raja’s life and work have had a profound influence on Bengali literature and culture, and his legacy endures through his poetry and the oral tradition of singing his songs, which are known as ‘Baul songs’. The Bauls are a mystical and philosophical sect in Bengal, and Hason Raja is often considered one of their most prominent figures. His writings and songs continue to inspire people seeking spiritual insight and artistic expression in the region.