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Resident training program

Through activities at our community centre the Hason Raja Centre in Whitechapel, SHA are starting to undertake training programmes for residents.

Aiming to provide skills, knowledge and support to individuals living in SHA homes to improve life skills.

Occasionally we undertake work experience places at the SHA offices. These programmes are designed to empower residents, enhance their quality of life, and help them achieve greater self-sufficiency.

These are some of the training programmes available to SHA residents:

  • Life Skills Training
    These programs often focus on equipping residents with essential life skills. Topics may include budgeting, financial literacy, cooking, home maintenance, and personal development. The goal is to enhance residents’ abilities to manage their households effectively.
  • Employment Skills Training
    Many training programs for social housing residents offer employment-related training. This can include job search techniques, resume writing, interview skills, and career development workshops. The aim is to increase residents’ employability and help them secure sustainable employment.
  • Digital Literacy
    In an increasingly digital world, digital literacy is crucial. Training programmes may offer basic computer skills, internet usage, and online safety courses. Access to technology and training on using digital tools can empower residents to access information, services, and employment opportunities more effectively.
  • Health and Wellbeing
    Programs may include training sessions on health and well-being, covering topics such as healthy lifestyles, mental health awareness, stress management, and access to healthcare services. These initiatives aim to improve residents’ overall well-being and support them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Community Engagement
    Training programs often encourage community involvement and engagement among residents. They may provide training on community leadership, communication skills, and organising community initiatives. These efforts foster a sense of community, promote social cohesion, and empower residents to have a voice in shaping their living environment.
  • Rights and Responsibilities
    SHA residents should know their rights and responsibilities as tenants. Training programs can provide information on tenancy rights, responsibilities towards neighbours, and dispute resolution. Educating residents about their legal rights and obligations helps create a harmonious living environment.

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