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Moving out guide

If your living arrangements are changing or have already changed, let us know about your change in circumstance so that we can help you further, to find the right type of housing to suit your needs.

Termination of Tenancy

Before you leave your home, you must tell us in writing at least four weeks before you go. Here is what you need to do before you move out:

Let us know you are planning to end your tenancy by filling in the tenancy termination form
Clear any arrears and leave a forwarding address
You will need to make sure that your rent/service charge account is clear before moving out.
Remember to get your phone and broadband disconnected
Make sure Council Tax and all other bills are paid and the accounts are cancelled
Clear and clean your property
Make sure you take everything with you – we will have to dispose of anything left behind and may charge you for that
Hand all your keys back to the association and leave us your new address so that we can contact you if we need to

Can SHA provide you with a more suitable home?

SHA staff speak with tenants regularly to see if they want to upscale or downsize depending on their circumstances. Your housing circumstances will be dependent on your contract. The full details are in your contract, so we ask that you familiarise yourself with this before calling our Housing Options Team.

Below are some options available to you:


You can apply for a housing transfer to move to alternative accommodation. You will need to fill in a housing application form and send the completed form to SHA. If you are not the tenant but a household member, you must send your completed form to Tower Hamlets Letting department or use their online portal.

Once we receive your application, we will process it and will give you a PIN and ID number to ‘bid’ for empty properties either by telephone, online or in writing.

Moving out of Tower Hamlets

If you are considering moving out of Tower Hamlets to a different part of London, the Housing Moves scheme will be the best option for you.

Housing Moves helps social tenants in London to relocate to other parts of the capital. All council tenants and housing association tenants can apply, as long as they have a secure or assured tenancy. To find out more visit the Housing Moves website

Finding a home through the normal rehousing system can be difficult and lengthy. Tenants are therefore advised to consider all options when considering a move.

Mutual exchange (HomeSwapper)

You have the option to swap your home with a tenant from Spitalfields Housing Association, another housing association or a local authority. You must get your landlord’s permission before you swap homes, in this case from us. There are certain rules that apply, and not everyone will qualify which will be detailed in your contract with us.

Spitalfields HA is a full member of the HomeSwapper mutual exchange scheme, which allows you to search their database properties to choose from. You can register for free through the Homeswapper website: Homeswapper.

Key Workers Scheme

If you are a ‘selected public sector worker’, sometimes called a ‘key worker’, and you do not have a social tenancy and/or do not live within a reasonable distance of your workplace, the council may give you additional housing priority.

Please contact SHA’s Housing Options Team for more information on your options for moving house.