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Bulky waste

Bulky waste is usually larger household items that are too big or heavy to fit into the standard bins. Read what to do below if you need bulky waste removed.

Organising a bulky waste removal

Tower Hamlets Council will collect furniture or bulky items that has come to the end of its useable life. Residents are allowed two free bulk rubbish collections a year with up to to five items per collection. It may take the Council up to 5 working days to arrange collection. You will need to plan ahead and call the Council to arrange a collection before you put the items outside.

Book a bulky waste collection

For more information of Tower Hamlets bulky waste collection visit this link.

The usual charge for bulky waste collection is £15 per item. Items should only be placed outside the night before your collection date as arranged with the Council and not before or afterwards.

What to do with your bulk waste:

  1. Flat pack your bulky waste
  2. Tie it with rope or tape
  3. Carry it carefully to the designated bulky waste collection area 4) Do not obstruct communal walkways with the items
Dumping bulky rubbish without an agreed collection date is considered anti-social behaviour and can put your tenancy at risk. Dumping bulk rubbish is unhealthy, unsightly and attracts vermin and can become a fire risk.
If you witness anybody dumping bulk rubbish you can report this to our office anonymously by calling 020 7392 5400. By reporting, we can charge the cost of collecting the rubbish to the correct household and not put it on everyone’s collective service charge. The cost of collecting and clearing it is presently being charged through your service charge.

Other options available to you

  1. If you have unwanted furniture which is in good condition please contact a suitable second- hand dealer like Homestore who will collect it free of charge and sell it at low cost to those in need. You can contact Homestore on 020 8519 6264 or via their website
    at – Is this link and number correct?
  2. For white goods (washing machine, fridges etc.) your new seller can sometimes take this away for you at a charge

Can you arrange more than 2 collections? Three or more collections can be arranged at your own cost by emailing the Council or through an alternative licensed waste carrier. The usual charge for bulky waste collection is £15 per item via the Council.

For house clearances If you are leaving home, you are responsible for your own house clearance. SHA does not provide this service. This service cannot be arranged through the council either. Please contact your local housing office/housing association or managing agents first to let them know about a change in circumstances before clearing or moving home.

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