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Scrutiny panel

Assessing services through the eyes of a tenant to determine works well and where there needs to be improvement.

What is Resident Scrutiny?

Resident Scrutiny involves a group of residents investigating a service provided by SHA (or their contractors) and making recommendations about how the service can be improved. The purpose of scrutiny is to improve a service by assessing what works well and where there needs to be improvement.

The process of scrutinising involves examining a service in depth and will typically include looking at performance data, residents views and testing service delivery. Crucially, Resident Scrutiny is a process decided by the panel members and is independent of the landlord. The landlord’s role is to support and enable the process for example by providing information and training to the panel members. The recommendations that the panel come up with are discussed with management and agreed by the Board. They are then turned into an action plan for the landlord to deliver. The panel will then monitor how well their recommendations are being delivered ad report to residents via the newsletter and website. Effective scrutiny will lead to improvements in services and increases in resident satisfaction.


The Job of Scrutiny Panel member

In order to be a member of this important panel you need to:

  • Be able to work well as part of a team
  • Be able to understand performance information – training is available
  • Be able to challenge appropriately

The Commitment required of a panel Member

  • Be able to attend 4-6 meetings per year and carry out the investigation between meetings
  • Take part in any necessary training
  • Sign up for at least a year

SHA’s Commitment to you

  • Support the scrutiny panel by working with an independent professional to assess any training and development needs you may have and then provide any necessary training
  • Consider providing an independent mentor to support you
  • Provide documents in plain language that are accessible to the panel members
  • Service the panel meetings efficiently and keep the paperwork to a minimum
  • Support you to agree the process of each scrutiny

Which Services has our Panel reviewed to date?

The panel has so far reviewed our Customer Services, Repairs and maintenance and Estate Management.

Who is on our Scrutiny Panel?

Abul Leis, Chair
Larry Herman, Panel Member
Nahas Ajhar, Panel Member
Martin Davis, Panel Member
Janu Ali, Panel Member