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Parking permits

The council provides public parking spaces to registered residents, and we also offer and manage a limited number of parking spaces on some estates.

SHA understands that many of our residents rely on their cars for various purposes, such as commuting to work, visiting friends and family, and enjoying personal independence. We recognise that owning a car can improve our tenants’ overall well-being and quality of life.

However, in line with our commitment to address the climate emergency, we encourage residents to explore alternative modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, and public transport whenever possible. We believe that by reducing car travel and exploring sustainable fuel sources, we can collectively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and create a more environmentally friendly community.

Parking control is enforced on all SHA-owned estates and homes with private parking facilities, excluding purpose-built driveways that are part of individual properties. Car parking methods vary based on the locality and estate, as controlled parking zones (CPZ) are in place. We will provide residents with information on current public services available, allowing them to choose the parking options that best suit their needs.

View our parking policy

Resident parking permits

Residents may be eligible for resident parking permits, which grant them the privilege of parking within designated zones. The availability, cost, and application process for resident permits varies depending on the estate and local car parking provisions.

To obtain detailed information about resident permits, please get in touch with our office.


Visitor permits

These are also available for guests or visitors, allowing them to park in designated areas for a limited period. The availability, cost, and restrictions associated with visitor permits may vary, so we recommend checking Tower Hamlet’s website or using the provided link for up-to-date information.

Tower Hamlet parking permits

It is essential to enforce parking control on our estates to ensure residents have access to their allocated parking bays and prevent potential neighbour disputes. We want to ensure parking spaces are utilised fairly and efficiently, benefiting all residents.

Please note that SHA does not derive any financial gain from the collection of car parking fines. Our primary objective is to maintain a well-managed parking system that supports the needs of our residents and promotes a harmonious living environment.

If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding parking permits or regulations, please check our detailed parking policy or contact us and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.