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Board membership rules

Extract from SHA Rules:

The Association's Rules regarding Board membership (Rule DB)

No one can become or remain a Board member or committee member or co-optee at any one time if:

D8.1  they are disqualified from acting as a director of a company for any reason; or

D8.2  they have been convicted of an indictable offence which is not, or cannot be spent; or

D8.3  they have been convicted of any other offence at any time, which in the opinion of the board :

• Brings the Association into disrepute; or

• Is incompatible with the role of board member, committee member or co-optee; and

• The board resolves (by two-thirds majority) that they should be removed; or

D8.4  a composition is made with that person's creditors generally in satisfaction of that person's debts; or

D8.5  they are not a shareholder (unless they are a co-optee or employee); or

D8.6  the have absented themselves from three consecutive meetings of the board or committee (as the case may be) in one rolling twelve months period without special leave or absence from the board; or

D8.7  they are an employees and their contract of employment terminates; or

D8.8  in relation to any non-executive board member, their terms of appointment, (however listed) with the Association are terminated in accordance with their terms; or

D8.9  they are a resident and are in material or serious breach of their tenancy agreement, licence or lease and fail to rectify the breach within a reasonable timeframe as agreed with the Association or are subject to any of the following types of court order :

• Anti-social behaviour order,

• Anti-social behaviour injunction,

• Demoted tenancy, or

• Closure order or

• Any other judicial order (howsoever named) which has an equivalent effect or

• The Association has obtained an order of a competent court or tribunal against them for recovery of monies due from them to the Association provided that if the order is suspended or

• is an order for payment in instalments they shall only cease to be a board member upon failure to meet the terms of the order; or

D8.10  they are a specifically elected or appointed resident board member and cease to be a resident, and any board member who at any time ceases to qualify under this rule shall immediately cease to be a board member